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Ph.D Candidate

Vuslat Nur Sahin

Dissertation Title: 

Japan's Contributions to Non-Traditional Security in Asia: An Analysis within the Framework of the Expanded Asian Supercomplex Theory

Brief description: 

The "Asian Supercomplex Theory", first introduced by Barry Buzan and Ole Wæver, has been a cornerstone of Critical Security analysis in Asia for the past three decades. The theory provides a comprehensive framework for understanding the interplay of various security sectors and actors in the region. However, the original theory has been criticized for its limited focus on military security and regional perspectives, neglecting the growing importance of non-traditional security sectors. This thesis aims to address these limitations by incorporating a more comprehensive examination of non-traditional security sectors and shifting the focus of the analysis to individual states. The thesis also evaluates Japan's contribution to security in Asia through its economic, environmental, and peace contributions, as well as its epistemological impact on the region’s security perspective. By examining Japan's role within the expanded Asian Supercomplex theory, the thesis provides a deeper understanding of the security dynamics in Asia. Japan's strong economy, commitment to environmental protection, and contributions to peace in the region have made it an important player in the security of Asia. The thesis also highlights Japan's unique epistemological contributions, which have shaped the security discourse in the region. In conclusion, this thesis represents a major step forward in the development of the Asian Supercomplex theory. By incorporating non-traditional security sectors and focusing on individual states, the thesis offers a more comprehensive understanding of the security challenges faced by the states in Asia. The analysis of Japan's contributions to security in Asia provides valuable insights into the ongoing debate on the role of non-traditional security sectors in the region.

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