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WONG, Kwok Chung

Dissertation Title: 

China's Developmental Peace in International Peacebuilding - The Impacts of Chinese Approach in Post-conflict Countries of Asia 

Brief description: 

I hold a Ph.D in Peace and Conflict Studies (2023, Waseda University) mainly addressing China's peacebuilding and its impact to both theory and practice of existing international peacebuilding. My works focuses on alternative peacebuilding models such as China's developmental peace, models that are relatively new in the field of international peacebuilding and not fully defined in terms of its theoretical implications and practical impacts on post-conflict societies on the ground, particularly in South and Southeast Asia. I have published mainly in English on China's developmental peace, which I believe is not getting the attention it needs from Western scholars considering the growing role of Chinese peacebuilding mostly in Asia and Africa. My contribution to the field is laying the groundwork for the theory of developmental peace, as the Chinese government has avoided explicitly giving an official narrative for China's commitment to peacebuilding. Meanwhile Beijing's actions in post-conflict societies go beyond traditional peacekeeping mechanisms to peacebuilding as a means to protect China's overseas interests. In terms of practice, my works also contribute to identifying the similarities and differences alternative models like developmental peace have with existing models of liberal and hybrid peace.

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