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Megumi Kagawa

Associate Professor, Waseda University 

Practically and theoretically, I am interested in peacebuilding in transition, especially the transformation of a rebel group. I have worked in the Atlantic Council of the US (DC-based think tank), United Nations University hq., and the Secretariat of the International Peace Cooperation hq. at the Cabinet Office of the Japanese government, as secretary to a former Japanese diet member, and implemented Japanese PKO missions in DRC, Nepal, Timor Leste and a JICA peacebuilding capacity development project in the Bangsamoro, Muslim Mindanao, the southern Philippines and in Hiroshima.


These political and diplomatic practical experiences led me on an academic journey to develop a policy-friendly and practical peacebuilding theory based on empirical grassroots observation. For over a decade, I have researched how a rebel group can transform their normalization and function as a peacebuilding actor from inside and around rebel communities. My special focus is local creativity for their conflict resolution space and their management of community safety. 

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