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Arbenita Sopaj.jpeg

Arbenita Sopaj

Researcher, RIIPA 

Research under ORA7 project 

Throughout this research, I conduct a comparative analysis of power sharing in Bosnia Herzegovina and Kosovo to gain insights into the complexities of ethnic and political dynamics. It highlights the significance of inclusive governance and dialogue between ethnic groups for conflict resolution and the establishment of lasting peace.  

Selected publications

1. Sopaj, A. 2023. Hiroshima G7 summit: A pivotal moment for Japan’s diplomacy. Japan Today [Tokyo]. 
2. Sopaj, A. 2022. More alike than not: Kosovo and Taiwan. Global Taiwan Institute (GTI) Vol 7, Issue 12. [Washington, DC]. 
3. Sopaj, A. 2020.  The Humanitarian Intervention in Kosovo case from 1998-1999. Kernel Depository and Centrum. [Kobe, Japan]. 

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